New paths: 2018 workshops

April 19, 2018 Sin categoría

Saokma Design is proud to open calls for the 2018 workshops. Two essential classes to learn the basics of photography.

If you are an enterprenour, art student and you are attracted to photography, this is your chance to learn.

We seek to deepen our own sight. The difference between one photo from another is not spectacularity or editing. It is the unique point of view that must be developed.

We work through intuition and the develop of senses to enhance the photographic technique. These workshops are directed in order of understanding why you choose to shot a moment.

We all look for an inner motivation. I believe, walking down this path will show us the way to evolve as humans. Photography is a deep art that has teached me several important facts about life and I am sure that will do the same for all of you. I hope we can develop them together.

PHOTO IDENTITY 1 introduces you to the basic photographic technique in order to use a digital camera in manual mode.

PHOTO IDENTITY 2 shows how to use the basic composition and lightning technique in order to get spectacular pics regardless of your equipment.

The workshops will open if we have more than 5 students so, if you are interested write us and let us know!


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