Light and the meaning of Photography

26 February, 2019 Sin categoría

What happens when you take a picture? Have you ever thought about why you love photos? Why the act of taking a photograph has become so important for humanity?

Filled with illusion, time and photography have been together since the first human started experimenting with light and emulsions. We became aware that there is a way to preserve a moment in reality and it’s all because of light.

Light shapes everyone’s reality. It is because of the disappearance of light that mankind created time and gave names to seasons, even made us develop religions after it in our search for life’s meaning. Light amazes us, gives us hope and has the power to engage our imagination. But light is not always present.

Whenever light goes away, our lizard brain calls for help. Just imagine what would happen if one day, the sun wouldn’t come up. As simple as that, light is the symbol of life and the act of capture it has so much power, this is why humans are always thinking about new ways to preserve their reality in a visual form.

Light, the symbol of life and photography as the promise of hope. It’s the most visual way to keep one moment alive forever, bringing the present back for one more time. Photography becomes the study of light and the image, the proof that one moment happened and that we are not going to die at all.

Illusion, what would humans do without them? I am sure we would be long gone without hope and illusion. So keep on capturing the moments that matter to you, one day you will see that picture and all the joy of that moment will come back.

© Monica Aguilar V.