New networks and partners

19 April, 2018 news

Saokma Design is now part of the Ecuadorian Photographers Asociation, Fine Art America and Stampsy, among others.

Being part of multiple networks and social media, allows the dissemination of work. It is pleasing to know that we are now in more platforms with much more possibilities.

If you want to acquire a work of Saokma Design, now you can have it in your home thanks to Fine Art America. This digital platform allows you to print a piece of art in the canvas of your choice. Order now.  If you live in Australia, you can do the same thing through Artify

Stampsy is an online community of photographers from around the world. Together we share knowledge and we curate our work with the help of the associates. Another network to tell your stories is

The Ecuadorian Photographers Asociation is an organism that unites the work in photography inside the country. Every year, the asociation organizes workshops, meetings and classes in order to improve the photographic work in Ecuador

We move forward all the time with happiness and thankfulness. Have a gorgeous light everyone!