The memory of water in Quito

25 June, 2019 news

It’s been more than a year since my spirit became a rebel. The life I was living was filled with sorrow and it was very hard to bear.

I decided to go back and meditate every day in order to hear my soul loud and clear. This process has never failed me so the road became to open towards a new discovery.

I started dreaming again and to seek in psychoanalysis the answer to several recurring symbols. Among a series of dreams developed in the Historic Center of Quito, I had a very disturbing one in La Ronda street. This one brought me an important signal. In the dream, I paid attention to the configuration of the street and that led to an important symbol for me: water.

My search has begun: I asked a few friends about Quito’s geographical past, I started to read and visited several libraries and this is how I found an old water road that started at Pichincha and finished in Río Machángara: It’s called “La Chorrera”.

This was the beginning of a series of discoveries: concepts, stories, and experiences. The joy that research brought to my life is unparalleled. Meanwhile, thanks to the synchrony of life, I found and learned about new techniques that helped me give a voice to these ideas.

Now, I share with you the first part of this road. An exploration that is in constant development and that is becoming clearer every day.

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