UKU (interior) light / shadow

Is about the path of the witch and the creative act that develops inside her Psyque.  Her body and mind transform for her to become the guardian of the mystic elements.

UKU, the human, is about to become a witch: the one who understands the energy of the universe, the mysteries of life, death and nature, the one that can see and feel what anybody else can. She becomes one with the universe and with all the beings which lives inside of it. 

She uses water as her principal element because it is the path to go from one plane of existence to the other, it is the door that connects other dimensions. This is how she flows within the multiverses.

Being a self-taught apprentice, her training is based on the pure act of silence and contemplation. She feels and contemplates the threads of energy, learning from the history of her ancestors and analyzing their steps in the river of life. Her objective is to acknowledge her own light and shadow in order to integrate them and thus, be more aware of their existence and mission.

Low key photographs emphasize loneliness, silence, and mystery. Elements, such as fire and smoke, are portrayed at low speed to give the sensation of movement and superposition of planes. Water is the mirror where the cosmos is reflected and also the door to other worlds. Intimacy and silence are seen with eyes closed to open the third eye of intuition.

© Uku Light/Shadow / Monica Aguilar V.