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The memory of water in Quito

25 June, 2019 news

It’s been more than a year since my spirit became a rebel. The life I was living was filled with sorrow and it was very hard to bear. I decided to go back and meditate every day in order to hear my soul loud and clear. This process has never failed me so the road became to open towards a new discovery. I started dreaming again and to seek in psychoanalysis the answer to several recurring symbols. Among a seriesRead More

Light and the meaning of Photography

26 February, 2019 Sin categoría

What happens when you take a picture? Have you ever thought about why you love photos? Why the act of taking a photograph has become so important for humanity? Filled with illusion, time and photography have been together since the first human started experimenting with light and emulsions. We became aware that there is a way to preserve a moment in reality and it’s all because of light. Light shapes everyone’s reality. It is because of the disappearance of lightRead More

We are all mad here

6 August, 2018 paintings

Cheshire Puss,’ she began, rather timidly, as she did not at all know whether it would like the name: however, it only grinned a little wider. `Come, it’s pleased so far,’ thought Alice, and she went on. `Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’ That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat. I don’t much care where–‘ said Alice. Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’Read More

Down the rabbit hole

4 August, 2018 paintings

Alice in Wonderland has always been my favorite story. When I was a little girl, even before I learned how to read, I used to tell my mother the complete adventure of Alice down the rabbit hole and into the wonderland where she found all kinds of amazing creatures and, herself, in a marvelous way. The time passed by and suddenly, I am a grown-up woman. The thing is I didn’t want to grow up at all, I wanted toRead More