About Saokma

Once I graduated from High School and began what would be my career and life mission, a group of friends and I decided to create a literary society. Each one of us should create a name to represent us, an entity that puts itself out there and serves as a denomination to each of our souls. I have always been good to research and I love strange names so, I did a word game and became with my alternative identity: Saokma.

The name is composed of three words that represent me: “Sa” comes from the willow (Sauce in Spanish), my birth three according to the Celtic Mythology; “Ok” is a sound that reminds me of orcs from the Lord of the Rings and “MA” are the capital letters of my Catholic name: Monica Aguilar (and yes, my soul is promised to the Lord of Light).

When I first began my career in Photography, I used to have this feeling that the ideas I had to create a photo were not mine. They came from a source different than me or my mind. I used to think that being a photographer in this country is easy – especially if you are going to be a landscape photographer – you just have to have patience, wait and, with enough knowledge about the camera and its technique – you shoot. The landscape allows you to do it, life gives you permission to do it and, in that sense, you just have to be grateful for what life offers you.

Years went by and life gave me many satisfactions. I finished my career, I started working before I ended my studies because I had to pay for them and kept on working to pay the debts for them. The labor road came with lots of good clients, friends, and colleagues. I had fun but I also felt something was not right.

Now, I have focused my life to hear this source where ideas come from. I can’t do anything else. This portal allows me to show what these voices tell me. Thank you for reading and looking at what they have to say.

Monica Aguilar Villamarín is a Photographic Designer living in Quito (1983). My artistic search is the result of my own unconscious mind exploration. I follow the path of meditation since 2005. To me, photography is a door of light, a way to survive time and defeat death. The camera allows me to communicate my own world perception, what I feel and think. It is my very own time machine so I don’t forget and disappear.

I finished my formal education as a photographic designer graduate by the Metropolitan Institute of Design in 2005, Quito – Ecuador. I have received several courses in advertising, multimedia, web design including a scholarship granted by the Government of India in 2013. I work in the field since 2003 specializing in commercial photography, graphic, editorial and web design for several companies inside and outside of Ecuador. My specialty is travel, product and lately, Fine Art Photography.

Nowadays I work along with my husband in several independent projects under our firm: Adarast Timeless Imagery which slogan is: “Your focus makes an idea stronger”.